As an organisation we want healthy work force. Not only our employees but their family members. We strongly feel that we are responsible towards everyone who is associated with us directly or indirectly. This is an initiative to ensure that we are not promoting unhealthy things but making our work force aware of their priorities.

We look forward to a greener world, as an initiative we give away plants to our employees on their birthdays; we give plants to our valued partners and customers on special occasions.

Being responsible towards Mother Nature we have banned use of plastic in all across Globe Offices. As we believe the initiation towards better tomorrow begins from home.

We have banned use of Cold drinks in all across Globe Offices. As we believe the initiation towards better tomorrow begins from home.

Our humble request to everyone,Please stop drinking cold drinks in office and also educate your family members, children, friends and relations to refrain from consumption of such drinks. Cold drinks actively make our body acidic and regular drinking increases the chance of cancer which is basically acute acidosis of our body.

We appreciate the efforts (academic, extracurricular activities) of the children of our employees; we reward them once in a year through the "Shining Star" event PAN India.

Visiting Mothers House on the occasion of Valentine's Day to spread Love amongst the less fortunate wonderful human beings.

As part of our green initiative we have refrained from using of Visiting Cards completely. As a company, neither we will use visiting cards nor will we accept visiting cards from any one.

For the last four centuries, we’re using paper business cards. Basically, most paper is made from wood (tree). The most disappointing thing is that ‘more than 88% of business cards are thrown out a week after they’re exchanged.’ Now you can imagine how many trees are cut down.

We would like to appeal to you, please, Stop using paper business cards and start using digital business cards.

Save Trees, Save Earth — Be Digital with us and grow
your network in a smarter way.