Globe All India Services Ltd. (Globe Forex & Travels Ltd.)has been existence in the Travel Management business for over
30 years
and has been one of the top-notch service providers in the country. The wide national presence in all major cities has also became a major USP of Globe wherein corporate clients enjoy seamless service delivery with local expertise and in personalized manner.

Globe is quite flexible in terms of clients’ requirements and having loyal customers for more than 20 years attached with Globe.

Books has pages, Learning knows no end. Did you know that there are 6500 official languages of the world. Just the thought makes us feel that so much to know and see.

We at Globe India believe that Travel is like “Learning on the Job”.

So, we do want you to experience our Schools/Student tours with a complete peace of mind.

We are extremely happy to announce our product - “Mr Travel – The Teacher”

Our Services

  • 24X7 Seamless Service
  • Safety – We understand the safety needs of the students
  • Transportation – Student friendly
  • Guide – Knowledgeable & Experienced Guides
  • PAN India Presence – Present in all major cities
  • Best Value Proposition – Leveraging our business volume and PAN India presence